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phpBB 2.0.21 released

BeitragVerfasst: 8. Jun 2006 10:32
von AmigaLink
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Geändert wurde:
* [Fix] Changes to random number generator code to explicitly truncate the length of the string
* [Fix] Quoting on boards with HTML enabled
* [Fix] Special characters on boards with HTML enabled
* [Fix] Redirect to list if cancelling deletion of ranks, smilies or word censors
* [Fix] Missing error message if an inactive user tried to login (Bug #1598)
* [Fix] Do not alter post counts when just removing a poll (Bug #1602)
* [Fix] Correct error in removal of old session keys
* [Fix] Changed filtering of short search terms
* [Sec] Improved filtering on language selection (also addresses a number of bug reports related to missing languages)
* [Change] Backported more efficient highlighting code from Olympus
* [Change] Backported zlib emulation code so that there is only a single confirmation image even if zlib is not available